Instructor Certifications & Affiliation

Instructor Certification

There are currently 2 types of Instructor Certifications available through TKM.

  1. ACT Instructor (Armed Civilian Tactics/Training)
  2. Agency Defensive Tactics Instructor (LEO, Corporate Security)

The ACT Program is a TKM exclusive, and certifies instructors at affiliated locations in the 3 Levels of ACT, allowing that curriculum to be taught in classes or seminars.

Agency Certifications are customized to fit each agencies current needs, and include higher level and advanced material for current Krav Maga Certified Law Enforcement Agencies, and new certifications for Corporate or Private Security firms.

Agency Certification Includes: 

  • Certification to instruct the Modules curriculum and use the names and marks of Tactical Krav Maga
  • Certification is good for 2 years, where upon re-certification days will be needed to receive updates, changes and a re-cert test. (up to 8-hours)
  • Outlines and Manuals for instructors included where and when available

Civilian Certification Candidates must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Certified Krav Maga Instructor through a minimum of 3 levels by a recognized organization
  • Black Belt 1 or higher in other self-defense style
  • Certified Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor through minimum of 3 levels by recognized organization
  • Have been invited by TKM after completing the end user courses
  • Approval by TKM is required regardless of above accreditations. TKM reserves the right to turn down applicants for any reason without disclosure or explanation.
  • TKM reserves the right to deem an Instructor Candidate a “No-Pass” for any one portion of the tests. No-Pass Candidates are not refunded, but can re-take the certifications free of charge later.

Certified TKM Instructors may recertify or re-take any completed course free of charge where space allows.  Recertification is automatic with attendance of repeated courses within every 2 years.

Affiliation Levels

Affiliation is not assumed after Instructor Certification.  It is a separate process and not mandatory.  For instance, Law Enforcement TKM Certified Instructors will not be Affiliating their Department.  However, use to the TKM and ACT logos and artwork for commercial purposes is not allowed without an affiliation.

  • Basic Affiliate
    • Basic Affiliation is only $25/month (discounted to $275 for pre paid in full)
    • Updates to manuals, photos, videos, drill and training and technique updates when available
    • Email updates on marketing, ads, or promotions being used by TKM
    • Support by TKM staff to the Instructor when presenting the system to agency’s or other organizations for the purpose of conducting training with agencies
    • Support and advice from TKM staff on operating successful seminars
    • Listing as a TKM licensed center online
    • Immediate recognition as a Law Enforcement Trainer by connection through TKM
    • Certification is kept current by attending any certification within 2 years
  • Partner Affiliate
    • Partner Affiliation is only $65/month (discounted to $700 for pre paid in full)
    • All of the benefits included in Basic Affiliate level
    • Listing as a Regional HQ for TKM (Exclusive for 5 mile radius city, 10 mile radius rural)
    • FREE access for 1 Instructor any seminar by TKM nationwide per year (not including live fire seminars, but discounts will be applied)
    • FREE seminars at your location by our Master Instructors (limit 1 per year, travel and expenses not included)

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact James Hiromasa at 1-800-504-KRAV (5728) or email