Structure, Curriculum, & Pricing

End-User Seminars and Training:

TKM and ACT Master Trainers travel the globe presenting the unique methods and techniques that literally ‘bridge the gap’ between defensive tactics or self-defense, and firearms training.

Courses can be completely customized for your group, team, agency, business, school or individual needs.  Simply spell out your goals for training, choose a course length from any where from 4-hours to 3 days, and we’ll guide you through the curriculum that best reaches those goals.


What you’ll get…

The first thing you’ll notice is the Instructors attitudes.  Welcoming, humble, down to earth, easy to talk to people are the ONLY people we let represent us.  These same every-day folks are also TOP Experts in their fields and all of them have cross-over expertise.  Active Duty SWAT team members are also senior lead Krav Maga black belt Instructors, Self-Defense experts are also Firearms Instructors, and the list goes on.  The nicest guys are generally also the best in their fields.

We provide some very specialized equipment.  We travel with enough firearms, holsters, and gear to outfit a dozen attendees that don’t have their own.  We use .43 Caliber gas simulation firearms modeled after common handguns for scenarios and other force on force drills.  For live fire, we also provide some specialty tools for reality training that are unique and proprietary to TKM.


What you’ll pay…

Our pricing is pretty straight forward.  There are options, attendee count, and gear requirements that can change the base cost.  If you’re a martial arts or self-defense school wanting to host us at your facility, contact us so we can work with you to make certain your event with us is a blinding success.



Most common curriculum topics

  • Basic pistol nomenclature and safety
  • Legal standing, obligations and ramifications
  • Fundamentals of shooting; stance, grip, etc
  • Presentation from a holster
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Loading and unloading
  • Begin operating under stress
  • Movement with the firearm
  • Weapon retention, in and out of the holster in a fight
  • Gun and Knife defenses while armed, in and out of the holster
  • Scenario rooms with tactical decisions, stress, shoot/no-shoot, etc.
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Realistic alternate shooting positions with movement and transitions

The 4-hour seminar is best for narrow curriculum, such as basic firearms and basics of self-defense shooting along with some self-defense techniques.  But remember, it’s all customized to your goals.  These seminars do not include any ‘live fire’ on a range, but may include ‘scenario’ training with sims guns.

Base price $750 includes up to 2 Instructors (curriculum and attendee count dependent).  Travel expenses not included.

The 1-day seminar is often sold as 2 separate seminars that folks can purchase as a package or together.  Most often (but not always) the 2nd seminar later in the day builds off skills from the 1st seminar in the morning.  But as always, will be customized to meet your goals.

A great balance in these seminars most often include some basic pistol, safety, legal, and nomenclature with some self-defense shooting tactics, and flow on to defending against other types of attacks and accessing your firearm under stress.  These seminars do not include any ‘live fire’ on a range, but may include ‘scenario’ training with sims guns.

Base price $1250 includes up to 2 Instructors (curriculum and attendee count dependent).  Travel expenses not included.

2-day seminars pack an awesome punch.  Fully customizeable,  a 2-day seminar could cover just about all the curriculum from basic to advanced.  Weapon retention, self-defense, drawing and firing from REAL life positions and situations, not static theory fluff.

A huge benefit of a 2-day seminar is the ability to present multiple scenarios.  It takes a bit of time to run 30 people through a scenario.  With 2 days, we can get 2 or 3 scenarios done…which is probably where people learn the MOST about themselves and violent confrontations that may include deadly force.

Base price $1850 and includes up to 2 Instructors (curriculum and attendee count dependent).  Travel expenses not included.

Live fire courses at our home base private range in Colorado can be booked entirely privately for your group.  Most courses are 2-days and include meals and camp sites on our private land (hotels available 30 minutes away). Most live fire courses are limited to 12 attendees at a time, but can be as many as 20 under the right circumstances.

Our Live Fire courses (called ‘Practical’ courses) carry an amazing 2-to-1 Student/Instructor ratio.  They are dynamic, live, fun, and most importantly, safe.

Live fire courses outside of our own private range facility in Colorado, USA must be quoted based on circumstances.

Private Live Fire at our Private Range: 2-day course, meals included: $3600 min for up to 12 people.  $300 per person beyond 12.